Mission Statement

Delos Shipping provides end users of shipping assets with well-priced capital via leases, bareboat charters or time charters, empowering them to leverage their capital base and to expand their business by leveraging our ample balance sheet and industry knowledge. As a result, Delos gets stakeholders superior returns by providing this broad and steady platform, performing extensive due diligence for them, and studying shipping market cycles and the global economy to execute against projected returns.

More than anything, Delos Shipping has been committed to the shipping industry since 2007, and offers investors unrivaled access, confident strategy and strong guidance - combined to create an ocean of safe, high quality investment experiences.

Business Principles

1. Our clients’ interests are paramount.
We have two clients in every transaction: our customers, the end users, and our stakeholders, which include our lenders, investors and financial advisors. Our clients’ interests always supersede Delos’ interests.

2. Our primary asset is our knowledge of the shipping industry.
We strive to use our primary asset to create value for our clients. This is our primary goal every day.

3. Our focus on the shipping vertical gives us a unique edge.
We don’t lease aircraft, trains or other rolling stock so we are completely immersed in shipping, 24/7. Our clients benefit from our focus in the shipping industry.

4. We are always fully transparent with our clients and we would rather lose a mandate than over-promise or under-deliver. We seek to deliver what we tell our clients.